Ask the Specialty Pharmacy Expert – Nadine Saulnier

Ask the Specialty Pharmacy Expert – Nadine Saulnier

Compounder’s Corner

EVERYONE loves being pampered! Especially around Valentine’s Day! But why go for the generic flowers and chocolate, when you can get something specifically tailored to you or your loved one? We can make sure that you get pampered WITHOUT all of the extra chemicals and additives in commercial products. We are flexible enough to be able to work around any sensitivities or concerns you may have!

Here at Millerdale Pharmacy, we can compound massage oils, bath and body oils, relaxing bath oil, and also a bath soak to melt the stress of the day away. We can also make a refreshing foot massage lotion that will make your feet feel brand new!

And if you want to do a little self pampering, we can do that too! Our amazing staff can make a citrus sea salt body scrub, a tropical Hawaiian sugar face or body scrub, and a soothing after peel cream. We are also able to compound Chrysaderm day and night cream. These creams reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while protecting against harsh external factors, making your skin more natural and beautiful. We can also make a super light and fluffy foaming face cleanser that will leave your skin feeling clean and smooth, without drying.

Here at Millerdale Pharmacy, we love to help you feel your best!! Stop by and ask our helpful and friendly staff how! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!