Ask the Flower Expert – Laura Cadrin


Are you planning your own wedding in 2016? Planning a wedding can be a really fun or an extremely exhausting experience, depending on how you choose to approach it. Having a positive attitude and knowing how to choose the right vendors will bring your special day to life. Wedding buy and sell sites are popular however asking for advice can backfire. Every couple have their own experience with their wedding vendor and what might work well for one, does not always work well for another.

Looking for the cheapest is not always the best. Price does not matter if you are not getting what you want. You should be interviewing them instead of price comparing.

Hire a Planner: We all think we can do everything ourselves, but there is more to planning a wedding than knowing where to sit relatives, getting ideas from Pinterest, and hiring a DJ and caterer. A planner knows what needs to be done and when.

Be Flexible: Allow your vendors to help you. If you are too rigid in your ideas you can be disappointed.The couples who are successful are those who have a clear idea of what they want, but are realistic about things like budgets and seasonal constraints.

Flowers set the tone: Creating a beautiful look takes time and what looks easy can be more complex than you know. Flowers can wilt quickly, so have to be conditioned and arranged as close to the wedding as possible. It takes time and flower knowledge to make those gorgeous bouquets look good and last throughout the day. Boutonnieres, corsages and hair flowers should all be made the morning of the wedding,” They are time consuming and require proper care. It looks easy but that is what your florist is trained for and why it looks like it takes very little work.

Speak Up: Vendors are human beings and that means that miscommunications can happen if what they said is not what you heard.If you are not sure, just ask.

Have you and your finance sat down a put together a rough budget to work with?

If you need more help with it all, please email me at or drop by my shop for a visit. I want your wedding day to be as wonderful as mine was.