Ask the Early Childhood Development Expert – Shellsey Blandin

Ask The Early Childhood Education Expert- Shellsey Blandin

At Ashley and Friends Playschool we incorporate the philosophy of S.P.I.C.E. Which is Social development, Physical development, Intellectual development, Creative development, Emotional development.

The reasons we incorporate them is:

Social- to have social skills such as interactions and conflict resolution.

Physical- to have activities that promote physical development and strengthen their gross (large muscles) and fine (small muscles) motor development.

Intellectual- to build knowledge that they may already know or are wanting to know. Along with learning number and color recognition, name recognition, language and science/mathamatical skills.

Creative- to use creativity as they learn and play. This could be as simple as drawing a picture or using blocks to build a free standing structure.

Emotional- to develop emotional skills such as self-confidence, resiliency, empathy, and self-awareness.