Ask the Bridal Show Expert – Christine Aldous

Ask the Bridal Show Expert – Pat, Nancy and Christine

Why Should I Rent My Wedding Décor When I Can Purchase It?

If you are trying to decide whether to rent or purchase your wedding décor it is always a good idea to do some research.


A reputable rental company will have the knowledge of which products work at the different venues and what won’t.   For example, chair covers come in different sizes, styles and fabrics that work with different chair styles. Every venue has different chairs. Few venues are using the same round back banquet chairs that were common a few years ago. A basic polyester chair cover will not work on the new chair styles, a folding chair cover will not work on a banquet chair and vice versa.   A rental company will also know what restrictions a venue has for décor.   Some venues will not allow you to hang décor from the ceiling or on the walls, or they will only allow you to use certain products to hang décor.


A reputable rental company will have your linens pressed and décor cleaned and ready to be set. This is part of what you are paying for.   If you are a bride and groom that have busy lives, it will be a time saver for both yourself and your decorating crew.   Several times over the past years as a decorator, I have witnessed a bride & groom who have gotten décor items from a friend, bought them second or third hand, or bought them new off the internet only to take them out of the garbage bag, plastic tote or box that they initially received them in, to find everything wrinkled, or dirty.   Now they’re in a panic and have to run home to find irons to press linens, or cleaning supplies to wash the glassware. Everyone is frustrated and unhappy instead of enjoying their day.   Nothing can spoil the look of your wedding reception like dirty centerpieces and linens, or chair covers, sashes and table linens that are wrinkled and don’t fit.


A reputable rental company will have rental products that are made from quality materials.   They will need their products to last more than one rental, so quality fabric and items are usually purchased to have their products last.

Storage and Cleaning

A rental company will also provide storage for your decor for you to pick up a few days before your wedding day. If you don’t have space to store 200 chair covers and sashes, 25 table linens & runners, 25 centerpieces plus all your favors and other items you have purchased for your wedding, a rental company can take care of this for you. Your rental company should also clean your rental items after your wedding. These are the extra advantages you are paying for.

At Elegant Event Designs & Décor, I personally clean and iron all your rental décor. All linens are hung until they are packed the day of your pick up or delivery. My rentals are made of quality materials and I have 12 years of knowledge and experience with the reception venues in and around Red Deer.   If I don’t have the rental items that you are looking for in stock, I will source out the products for you and bring them in. If you require help with decorating your wedding, I also provide decorating services. I can decorate a portion of your wedding or the entire wedding and can assist you to make your wedding day special and enjoyable.

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