Ask the Weight Loss Expert – William Audren

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Ask the Weight Loss Expert – William Audren

Snacks to avoid when trying to lose weight.

Dried Fruits: Removing water increases sugars and calories. A third of a cup of dried cranberries contains almost 8 teaspoons of sugar. Eat whole fruit if you want to feel full without a sugar overdose.

Trail Mix: Pieces of chocolate mixed with almonds, raisins and other fruits and nuts are very tempting and sound healthy, however, these combinations are packed with calories, sugar and fat. A cup of this mixture has 700 calories, 47 grams of fat and 66 grams of sugar. Choose trail mix without ‘candy’ and only consume 1 oz per serving.

Fruit-on-The-Bottom Yogurt: Any fruit at the bottom of your yogurt means it is loaded with sugar. An average fruit yogurt has the same amount of sugar as a chocolate caramel bar. To enjoy healthy fruit in your yogurt, slice the fruit yourself.

Granola Bars: These bars are great snacks if you are climbing hills or biking rough trails. The sugar and calories from these bars keep you fueled for the physical effort, but if you are sitting at a desk, the extra energy will be turned into fat.

Regular snacks are important for your metabolism. Snack quality is key. Read ingredients, nutrition facts and portion size in order to manage your weight.