Ask the Radiology Expert – Thomas Strain

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Ask the Radiology Expert – Thomas Strain


BGSA owners and management are proud to announce, their MRI service commenced on December 1st. The first patients through the scanner were very happy with the experience and fact that their wait is over to have the procedure. They are now looking forward to obtaining the treatment required to cure their ailments.

BGSA would like to introduce and thank our MRI technologist, Charmaine Stewart, for helping with development of the services we will provide our Physicians and their patients. She did an amazing job with the information/ordering package, which all the physicians of Medicine Hat and surrounding area, all the way into Southwest Saskatchewan, received describing our service and the procedures performed. If you are tired of waiting to get into an Alberta Health Services funded MRI to have your procedure performed, consider having it done in our clinic (talk to your Physician). BGSA is committed to providing you with a quality scan at a reasonable cost comparable to Calgary and Edmonton ($600.00 to $700.00). We would also encourage you to check your additional insurance plans as they may cover MRI services. For easier payment options, BGSA now accepts credit or debit cards.


Call 403-527-7334 for more information.