Ask the Arts and Collectibles Expert – Neil Burbidge

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Ask the Arts and Collectibles Expert –  Neil Burbidge

What is the story behind Willow Tree figurines?

Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree® sculpture. Using family and friends as models, Susan tries to capture a moment in time, or express a feeling. Pieces are cast from her original carvings, and then individually painted by hand. Softly washed colors, carved and metal accents, and representative icons of nature mark Susan’s work.  We carry the most extensive selection to make your gift giving personalized.

Do all Painted Pony figurines begin as original works of fine art?

Yes. The Trail of Painted Ponies takes pride in all of the authentic, original artwork that is created by select artists throughout the country and around the world. As opposed to many collectibles that are generated solely for the  collectible market, The Trail of Painted Ponies figurines and merchandise all begin as original works-of-art.  We, at Cottonwood Gallery, try to display a wide variety of sizes and themes.

How should I wash my plush Gund stuffed toys?

Please check the item hangtag or sewn-in label for washing information.   If your item is surface-washable/hand-washable you can spot clean with soap and warm water. If your item is machine-washable (like most of our babyGUND line) follow these instructions.

Place plush toy in washing machine with gentle detergent on the delicate setting.  For extra care, place plush inside a pillowcase or soft cloth bag and close/tie the opening.  Tumble dry on low.

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