Ask the Granite Expert – Derek Haeusler


Ask the Granite Expert – Derek Haeusler

Ten of the Top Reasons to use Granite Transformations:

#10. Custom Design, Local Fabrication, Beautiful Installation.

Personal design, installed in your home. As easy as 1,2,3.

#9. Done in a Day!

Standard kitchen countertops or shower walls & bath vanities are installed in one day.

#8. No Demolition, Less Mess!

Trendstone™ Permanently Bonds over existing countertops or plywood for replacement or new construction. Less dust, less damage, less disruption for your home, and less to landfill.

#7. Maintenance Free.

No chemical sealants, no grout to clean and seal, no chips to fill. To clean, just wipe and go!

#6. Heat, Stain, Scratch, Chip, Impact, & Microbe Resistant.

Heat to 500F/260C. Red wine, lemon juice, just wipe away (no staining or etching). Dutch ovens, a frying pan, or even a bowling ball will bounce. Microbe free – NSF 51, Certified for commercial kitchen prep surface use.

#5. Earth Friendly.

Smaller Earth Footprint: 1/20th the quarry impact of ordinary granite. Far lower CO2 emissions. No demolition – no substrate to landfill (200 Million lbs so far!). Up to 72% post consumer recycled glass.

#4. Home Friendly.

Greenguard Gold Certified – Very low offgassing

Radon Free Certification! No Chemical Sealants! Cleans with simple ingredients.

#3. Increase the Value of you Home!

Minor remodels to Kitchens and baths improve appraisal value and sale price!

#2. Manufactures Lifetime Warranty.

With local service from Sasktoon.

#1. Beautiful!

Timeless elegance or innovation with an edge… designed with you and for you!

And the very best reason to work with Granite Transformations, you and your family will LOVE YOUR KITCHEN AGAIN!

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Granite Transformations’ local store is located at  Unit 100- 103 Marquis Court Saskatoon, SK.