Ask the Pharmacy Expert – Curtis Crough, B.Sc. Pharm


Ask the Pharmacy Expert – Curtis Crough, B.Sc. Pharm

Many people know of probiotics, but do they really know what they are? Before probiotics became available in pill form, they were contained in some of the foods we eat.

Probiotics are made up of good bacterium, good fungus, and commensal viruses. These help us digest our foods and they live on the foods we eat. Obviously, we must clean organics off our fresh foods to help prevent having a bad bacteria infecting us. (ie: E Coli from cow feces).

Today’s food is sprayed to prevent them being infested with fungus and bacteria, which may prevent the harvest from being bountiful. Some of the sprays that are used have dioxins, which stay with the food and must be washed off appropriately to prevent its action on our intestinal flora. Triple washing all vegetables and fruits is a must to rid the food of these sprays to maintain a good digestive system.

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