Ask the Funerals Expert – Rod Attwell


Ask the Funerals Expert – Rod Attwell

Plan A One Of A Kind Funeral, Part 3 of 6

Oliver’s believes in the importance of personalizing a service to beautifully reflect the life and personality of your loved one. In this six-part series we will share some of the services and specialty items we provide to families honouring their loved one.

A personalized funeral service touches friends and families and celebrates a life well-lived. We at Oliver’s are pleased to help families plan a meaningful life celebration.

We work with you to create a service that truly reflects your loved one’s special qualities. That is our promise to you.


Serving the dishes your loved one often cooked – or enjoyed eating – is a wonderful way to share a bit more about them with friends and family. You can serve their favourite lasagne or prize-winning homemade fudge cookies after the service. Handing out a treat during the service is also an option.

Not feeling like the traditional sandwiches and squares? Why not have an elegant wine and cheese? Serve their favourite wine or plan a special toast in their honour. Contact LoAnn in Oliver’s Tea Room and Catering Services to learn more about the endless options to incorporate special food items into the service.

Special Clothing

A simple way to make a service more personal is by dressing your loved one in clothes that were special to them or that reflect something about their life. For example, if they were passionate about their work, a work uniform, hat or pin might add to the service. An avid sports fan might wear a favourite jersey. A dedicated golfer might be dressed in their golfing gear. Whatever the outfit, clothing can add another personal touch to a service. Another idea is when composing the obituary for your loved one, invite all of those who are attending the service to wear clothing the colour that was your loved one’s favorite. For example: John Deere Green, or if purple was mom’s favorite colour theme. Or encourage people to wear hockey jerseys if that was your loved ones favourite sport.

Recently one of our families shared how their dad disliked wearing a suit, so we stated that very fact in the obituary along with “In honor of Fred we ask you to leave your suit in your closet and come dressed to the funeral in something more comfortable.”

Next month we will look at making a one-of-a-kind Memorial Card, a creative idea for collecting stories and memories of your loved one from family and friends, and explore an enchanting option to any funeral service; the release of balloons, doves or butterflies.