Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

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Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

In my line of work, there are many people who do roofing but unfortunately few who do it well. I take this profession very seriously and all too often I see poor quality work. I pride myself in my workmanship, warranty and the highest quality of product for my customers; where other companies will use a cheaper brand of shingle with a similar look. The shingles I have chosen to use set the standard for premium roofing products; so you know that you are getting the best product available today.

Some of the benefits found within this product are:

–      A higher impact resistant to hail and heavy rain, means
less granule loss and longer life.

–      Higher wind warranty up to 210kmh.

–      Manufactured with a heat activated seal strip making
them less likely to curl and will keep your shingles down.

–      Chemically treated to protect the shingle from harmful
UV rays.

I am confident to say these are the best shingle in Canada. Call 403 581-1355

for a free estimate and consultation.  Additionally, I am now offering 5” continuous eave trough.