Ask the Website Development Expert – Mike Wuchterl


Ask the Website Development Expert –   Mike Wuchterl

We’re Interviewed by Lethbridge College New Media/Broadcast student, Brett Mueller About the State of Interactive Media

What part of the media do you work in?

My areas of expertise expand across all mediums but as Director of Interactive Marketing for Clearly Interactive and Clear Sky Radio, I specialize in both online marketing and radio advertising for local and long distance clients in Western Canada.

You seem quite passionate about what you do, tell me why?

My position is not like most and very unique because I have that privilege of working so closely with a traditional form.

In todays new age most marketers are finding success, especially in the online world, but my ultimate passion is the process of combining traditional forms like radio, TV, billboards and print with new media.

The fact you can reach and engage an astronomical number of people with the click of a button, already amazes me, but to then compliment your new media efforts with a traditional forms and increase overall reach while creating immediate brand awareness, now this is a game changer and a true passion of mine.

Where do you see interactive marketing progressing over the next 5 years?

It is so hard to predict an industry like this, especially with a time frame but my job is to stay up to date on the most recent trends, platforms and cutting edge solutions for my clients. At the present time, there is no doubt hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars have been transitioned over from traditional mediums to new media, and this is only the beginning. Moving into the future the internet is not going away, but only evolving, and even 5 years from now seems like an eternity, but to answer your question, I feel it will be more common, more invasive, more efficient, more powerful, more readily available…to describe 5 years from now, the internet will be MORE.

Is interactive marketing going to be providing job opportunities in this industry in the future, more than other traditional medias in the past? Explain why.

It has started already, there is an overwhelming need for experienced online marketers possessing skills like; search engine optimization, website management, analytics, content marketing, social platform networking and much more. Every business NEEDS an online voice dedicated to help create a more positive, entertaining and educational brand reputation, and through my experiences I’ve found the best reputations are achieved through a team of individuals, not just one dedicated employee., 403-388-0120.